239 Interview: Angela Page – The Young Dead

Many years ago, in Hollywood, Florida, a riot girl named Angela Page was born. Angela grew up to become a College Professor, Writer, and Publisher. Along with grading and writing essays and poems, Angela creates a magazine called “Love Your Rebellion: A Zine for Everyday Rebels.” Angela also finds spare time to fulfill her rockstar dream. As the lead singer of the local grunge band the Young Dead, Angela screams, grunts, and whales out beautiful melodies that intoxicate her audience. When she’s not rockin out with the Young Dead, she enjoys listening to tunes like, Fleetwood Mac’s “Sisters of the Moon”, M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls,”and Babes in Toyland’s “Handsome and Gretel.” Her passion for words and music is evident in the Young Dead’s song lyrics. Twothreenine got an exclusive sneak peak inside this riot girl’s life:

How long have you been singing?
I think I learned to sing before I learned to talk. Both of my parents are pianists and singers, so music was a family affair. As a depressed teenager, the only thing that naturally gave me a dose of good chemistry was singing alone in my room to Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Hole, and Bjork. Yep, I’m that loser.

How did your band the Young Dead form?
I put out an ad asking for riot grrrls and got the three biggest feminists in town. The first time I played with Drew, it was like he read my melodic mind. Adam and Kristian came along shortly after, giving us a strong and steady rhythm section, and the four of us have just had a fucking great time ever since.

What is your inspiration behind your song lyrics?
I think about myself and the world and words just fly out. Music is another thing all together. Who the hell knows where my rhythms and melodies come from? I don’t claim ownership of them completely. I’m not a wellspring. Sometimes I try to keep in mind that Adam (our drummer) has backwards organs and so I have to present certain things backwards so that he can understand what I’m singing or playing. Having to create things backwards has really opened up my creative capacity.

Describe the atmosphere of a typical Young Dead show:
A typical Young Dead show produces enough energy to create the 1.21 gigawatts needed to get Marty back to the future.

What has been your favorite venue in the 239 area to play a show at?
Probably Rackems in Cape Coral. There’s a good community of musicians there, and they always have interesting bands coming through.

If your music were a type of coffee, what kind would it be?
Kopi Luwak. Comes from shit, tastes like bliss.

What has been your favorite band memory so far?
That time we almost got into a bar fight in Naples on St. Patrick’s Day.

Name a few of the local performers that you admire.
Steven Fenttiman, whose Friday night residence at the English Pub in Naples (NOT the one in the Mercato) is a local must-see for us, is a true gentleman and a world-class connoisseur of music.

Do you have any future goals that you have yet to achieve?
To make a record that sounds like Fleetwood Mac as played by Crazy Horse. Recording costs.

Anything else you would like to share?
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To pleasure your ears to some tunes from The Young Dead click here

Don’t miss Angela singing live with The Young Dead on July 7th at Yabo

To hear of more upcoming Young Dead shows, Like them on facebook @ The Young Dead

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