Maybe you’re new to Southwest Florida. Maybe you’re “still stuck here”.

Doing the same thing every weekend? Got the feeling that you could be having a better time? Like there’s cool stuff going on around here just below the surface?

We’re here to help.

TwoThreeNine.com’s mission is to make life in Southwest Florida just a little bit better by pointing you in the direction of unique food/art/watering holes, keeping track of events going on, and throwing parties once in awhile, heywhynot.

Stuff we love:

  • The arts
  • Live original music
  • Building a better community
  • Funky food selections
  • Hole in the wall hangouts
  • Awesome people

We can’t do it without your help though, so clue us in by Posting an event¬†or Sending us a tip!


You can also email us at info@twothreenine.com