Here we go again…After a nice long break, TwoThreeNine is back to stir things up. The site is still in the process of being re-built, but should be fairly functional in the meantime. The new design is more focused on the calendar, so when you come to the site BAM!, We’ll just smack you in the face with a list of things to do tonight. It’s a start.

So…what else, what else?

We’ll need your help! Yeah, you, in the chair. Don’t worry, I promise it won’t be hard.

Just Click over this way to tell us about something cool, and over this way to do the same, but with a specific time and location (you know, like…an event, or something). For your continued convenience, these two links will be featured right up top, so you can do our job for us any time you feel like it.

Also, if you come across anything not working like it should, or have suggestions in general, you can use the submission form above, or just email us at info@twothreenine.com


We’ll leave you with this; a country song about the Shell Factory.

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